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    Islam (Arabic : اسلام) is a religion started in Saudi Arabia, and who invited people to Islam, was Respected Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, son of Abdullah, known as Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Islam has two large branches, Shi'a (Can be found in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Libya and Tunisia) and Sunni (almost rest of Ummah). Islam has a good connection with monarchy, as other religions do.

    The perfect state and utopia according to religions (even very liberal ones, like Buddhism and Baha'i faith) is monarchy. Monarch may be called Pope or something else. In this article, you know Islamic models of monarchy more.

    Mahdist State

    If you want to know writer's opinion about this, I must say no, but why? Mahdi (means "The directed one" in Arabic), is the …

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    Greetings, all micronationalists of the world.

    OUES, officially Organization of United Emerging States is an international (not inter-micronational or micronational) organization, which helps micronations to be de facto, de jure or UN recognized states. Current members are Kingdom of New Cantabria, Archland Empire, Schalamzaar Empire, Republic of Marland, Independent Province of Mancunia and United Islands of Iltirur. All of these nations are territorial or future-projects. For example, New Cantabria and Schalamzaar are new-country-projects or alternative governments, or United Islands of Iltirur is a future project, and has programs to make artificial islands in Latin America.

    OUES claims itself as a smaller UN, but it has a difference with UN. A…

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    Africa is a continent, neighbor of Asia and Europe. Some African countries, like Egypt have Asian and European neighbors at once. Some of them have European neighbors (From Mediterranean sea or Stair of Gibraltar), like Morocco. But, there are some issues, and those make Africa Paradise of Micronations.

    What makes Africa a paradise?

    You may think Africa is a poor continent and has a hot climate. Yes, it is poor and has hot climate, but there is a lot of other things which makes it a paradise.

    • Independence Movements : A lot of ethnic groups live in Africa, and A lot of them want independence from states. For example, Amazigh people in Morocco or Bantu people in South Africa. Why are they useful? You're not alone in Africa, and you can …
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