Technocratic Republic of Personesia

Constituent country of


Flag of Personesia

The perfect state ruled by scientists.
Iran, Farur Island
Capital city Farur
Official language(s) Farsi, Balochi
Official religion(s) Islam (Shi'a)
Short name Personesia
Demonym Personesian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Muhammadreza I
- Captain-regent Reza Bagherzadeh
Area claimed about 20 sq km.
Population 15
Currency Iranian Rial
Time zone +3:30
National animal Dolphin

Technocratic Republic of Personesia is an island nation which is located in Persian Gulf and it's technologic pole of Schalamzaar Empire and UMS. This nation has been established by Emperor Muhammadreza I of Schalamzaar, and Prime Minister of Jabir, His Excellency Reza Bagherzadeh. Also, This nation is navy base of Schalamzaar in Persian Gulf.

Etymology Edit

Personesia is made up of Perso and nesia, and means Persian Island . In fact, the idea of name is from Personesia sector, and also countries like Indonesia, Micronesia and French Polynesia.

Flag of UMS United Micronations of Schalamzaar
Constituent Nations : Schalamzaar Empire, Autonomous Kingdom of Jabir, Republic of Fourteen Climates, Technocratic Republic of Personesia

Territories : Territories of Fourteen Climates
Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

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