Greenlandic Neo-Paganism
Current Goddess Goddess Kimberely
Religion Type Paganism
Gudinnen skinner på oss, for alltid.
English: The goddess shines on us, forever.
Mutual Beliefs Norse Paganism, Hinduism

Schalamzaari Neo-paganism, is a religion developed in Schalamzaar Empire, a micronation with middle eastern culture. This religion is based on worshiping living female deities, like Kumari in Hindu culture.

The Goddess Edit

The Goddess is a living female person, who accepted to be. There's no limits for goddess, and Greenlandic neo-paganism took it easier than other religions with same thing, such as Hinduism.

Theology of Religion Edit

  1. Oneness of the Goddess : This religion can't accept more than one goddess at the same time.
  2. Justice
  3. Day of Judgment

Religious Laws Edit

  1. Be kind
  2. Make all your paths level
  3. Don't assume
  4. Don't take things personally
  5. Keep the world clean
  6. Defend those who can't
  7. Pick up litter
  8. Be honest in your words and dealings
  9. Stand up for what's right!