Schalamzaar Empire
امپراتوری شلمزار

860 578 (Abjad)

National Flag of Schalamzaar
Seal of Schalamzaar

ما حافظان این خون و نژادیم ، چنانکه ارتش حافظ ملت است
We're protectors of this blood and race, as army is protector of the nation.
Long Live the Emperor
Map of Schalamzaar
Official Map
Capital city Armaanshahr (Southern Tunisia)

Tehran (in exile)
Largest city Tehran (in exile)
Official language(s) Persian, Arabic
Official religion(s) Paganism
Short name Schalamzaar
Demonym Schalamzaari
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Goddess Kimberley
- Emperor Muhammadreza I
Legislature Upper House:Shura (National Assembly)

Lower House: House of commons
Established 2004
Area claimed 1,587,000 square kilometers
Population 107
Currency Kim
Time zone Algeria's Standard Time
National animal Jabeer Gazelle
Patron saint Hasan Sabbah

Schalamzaar Empire is a new country project, in fact, an alternative government which has claimed land in south of Tunisia and Algeria. Schalamzaar has a little coastline in Mediterranean Sea. Capital city is located in south of Tunisia and The biggest part of Schalamzaar is located in Southern Algeria.


Head of State

Head of state is Goddess of Schalamzaar.

Head of Government

The head of government of Schalamzaar is Shahanshah. Shahanshah is a Persian term means King of Kings, with some claiming it can also refer to the European rank Emperor. The style of Shahanshah is His Imperial Majesty.

Democratic Republic of Schalamzaar

After some conflicts between Emperor Muhammadreza I, and Sadegh Mirza, The first minister of Defense and Colonial Affairs , He had formed a government in exile of Schalamzaar, which is called Democratic Republic of Schalamzaar. DR of Schalamzaar, Also known as Sadeghistan, has been seceded for a day from Schalamzaar, but they've joined Schalamzaar again.
Flag of Democratic Republic of Schalamzaar

Flag of DRS



Schalamzaar has a central bank, and central bank controls Schalamzaari currency, Sizaab. Each 1 Sizaab is $10 USD, and it's available in 50 & 100 notes. After adopting "Schalamzaari Neo-Paganism" as official religion, currency's name changed to "Kim". Named after goddess of Schalamzaar.

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

Main Article:Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs of Schalamzaar
Schalamzaar has policies on formal recognition, diplomacy and military alliance with other micronations/new countries. Also, Schalamzaar would join all of micronational organizations, by suggestion of chairmen, or request from imperial government, but Schalamzaar's imperial government disagrees Self-determination organizations which support terrorist groups, etc. and claims them as neo-colonialism.

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