Republic of Fourteen Lands

جمهوری چهارده اقلیم

Flag of Fourtin ClimatesGriffin

ما حافظان این خون و نژادیم، چنان که ارتش حافظ ملت است

We're protectors of this blood and race, as the army protects nation.
گل یخ

Map of Fourteen Climates

Map of Schalamzaar Empire. Claimed Territories in dark green, Capital city in Red point.
Capital city Fourteen Climates (The city)
Largest city Amirabad[1]
Official language(s) Farsi
Official religion(s) Islam (Shi'a)
Short name Fourteen Climates
Demonym Schalamzaari[2]
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Emperor Muhammadreza I
- President Amirali A'rabi
Population 14
Currency Sizaab
Time zone +3:30
National sport Wrestling
National dish Chelo-kebab
National drink Dooq, Schalamzaari Lemonade
National animal Jabir
Patron saint Hasan Sabbah
  1. Amirabad is originally a region in west Tehran
  2. as Fourteen Climates is army base of Schalamzaar

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Fourteen Climates, officially Militarist Republic of Fourteen Climateshas been established by Amirali A’rabi, also known as Amir-Ali Mirza, current Minister of War and Colonial Affairs of Schalamzaar. As fact, this republic is only an army base of Schalamzaar, and all of 14 citizens of this republic are citizens of Schalamzaar, too.

Flag of UMS United Micronations of Schalamzaar
Constituent Nations : Schalamzaar Empire, Autonomous Kingdom of Jabir, Republic of Fourteen Climates, Technocratic Republic of Personesia

Territories : Territories of Fourteen Climates
Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs

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