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The Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan (Irish: Phoblacht Daonlathach an Léiloindístáin) is a small micronation located in southern Ireland. It is divided into two territories: Robinscourt Territory and the Cubbyhole Territory. The capital is Maple Hill, which is located in Robinscourt Territory. The government meets in the National Assembly. The Executive Branch is based in Maple Hill, and it sometimes meets in Cubbyhole Territory.

Leylandiistan was named after the Leyland Cypress (often referred to as simply leylandii), a plant found widely in the Cubbyhole Territory. The -stan suffix is used frequently by various states. It is also the national plant of Leylandiistan.

How To Start Your Own Country

A micronation is an entity created and maintained as if it were a nation and/or a state, and generally carrying with it some, most or all of the attributes of nationhood, and likewise generally carrying with it some of the attributes of statehood. Though a micronation may well have begun as a mere drollery, it has the potential (given the evolution of a sufficiently vital national culture) to develop into a true nation, and possibly to achieve statehood.

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