Kingdom of Eshtard
Flag of Eshtard

Iran (Tehran and Gilan), Republic of Azarbaijan.
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name Eshtard
Government Monarchy
- King MOojtaba I
- Prime Minister Mehdi Fazli

Kingdom of Eshtard is a country with a constitutional monarchy established in march 2011.argen is the capital and largest city of pardis Eshtard and The official religion is Islam.Persian is the official language.Its population as per 2014 census is 20 patients The large growth in population from 2011 to the present has.Eshtard has joined Schalamzaar in June 2014.Include the cities of Argen (the capital) and Pardis (the largest city) and are far from each other But the majority of the population live in Argen, Pardis, despite good weather and a vast majority of the population has little.More pardis Tourism and Recreation is also used as a summer palace where the

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