Kingdom of Oryland
Oryland Flag

England, UK
Capital city Origa
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Oryland
Demonym Orylandish
Government Monarchy
- King Rhys I
Area claimed 0,5 acre
Population 5
Currency GBP
Time zone 0:00

The Kingdom Of Oryland is ruled by King Rhys I who is the first ruler of the Kingdom, it is an early Nation that is trying to develop to help in a scientific manner. But without the proper amounts of land and funds they are still unable to bring much around because all they can develop at the moment is idea's seen as they do not have the fund to create and test them.

History Edit

The History of The Kingdom of Oryland is quite short, they are known to expose Organization that try to unite Micro Nations, but they always have nothing to offer for the Micro Nation that join them. We call these Organizations that originate from the original Yet Another Micronation Organization or YAMO. They have slightly exposed the organization called the OUES which is on the Micronation Forums, but after that happened they in an act of cowardice banned our King from the Forums for a day. Along the way the King met the Schalamzaar Empire which then helped them a great deal in learning about these organizations and how Micronations or their Micronation works.

Head Of State

Seen as the Kingdom of Oryland can only be ruled by a King then the head of state is King Rhys I who is the first ruler of the Kingdom of Oryland. He created his nation to be better than other real Nations which hardly do anything for their citizens and can't advance scientifically in any way. So King Rhys I created the Kingdom of Oryland to fix this.

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