Independent Niue and Independent Tokelau
Flag of Independent Niue

Flag of Independent Niue
Flag of Independent Tokelau

Flag of Independent Tokelau

South Pacific Ocean
Official language(s) English and Local Languages
Short name Niue
Demonym Niuean

Official Website

Niue and Tokelau were New Zealandic dependent territories. In 20th May 2014, both of them declared indpendence from New Zealand, by Schalamzaar Empire. As fact, the government of Schalamzaar Empire supports them in all stages. Niue and Tokelau are close to the colony of Starbuck Island, one of Schalamzaari colonies in Kiribati. As fact, this is the reason of Schalamzaar's help. Niue and Tokelau can protect Schalamzaar's colonies, and Schalamzaar helps them and protects both of them.
Both of these nations are Fifth World nations, like "United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA)" and "Schalamzaar Empire". These nations have no governor/monarch yet, but Monarch or Governor will be elected soon.
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