Greenlandic Empire
Flag of GreenlandSeal of Greenland

Gudinnen skinner på oss, for alltid.

English: The goddess shines on us, forever.
Hymn to Greenland
Map of Greenland
Official language(s) Danish, Norwegian, Greenlandic, English
Official religion(s) Paganism, Christianity
Short name Greenland
Demonym Greenlandic
Government Monarchy
- Emperor Varg I
Area claimed 972,001 km2
Population N/A Not counted yet.
Currency Greenlandic Krona
Time zone (UTC+0 to −4)
National animal Polar Bear
Patron saint Goddess Luna

Greenlandic Empire is an alternative government claimed Northeast Greenland National Park as territory. This nation is also a cultural project for Viking and Inuit cultures.

Brief History Edit

The Greenlandic empire is actually successor of Schalamzaar, but with differences in religion, culture, etc. After Schalamzaar disbanded, emperor of Schalamzaar decided to not contribute in mincronational projects, but after he find his interest in Viking culture, decided to start a Nordic nation.

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