Schalamzaar has policies on formal recognition, diplomacy and military alliance with other micronations/new countries. Also, Schalamzaar would join all of micronational organizations, by suggestion of chairmen, or request from imperial government, but Schalamzaar's imperial government disagrees Self-determination organizations which support terrorist groups, etc. and claims them as neo-colonialism.

International Membership Edit

Was member of ... Edit

  • Organization of United Emerging States
  • Union Iberica (left)
  • Antarctic Micronational Union
  • Grand Micronational Alliance (dissolved)
  • Multinational Alliance Association (left)
  • Anti-Antarctic Treaty System (left)
  • Union of Islamic Micronations
  • Organization of Active Micronations

Applied for membership/recognition Edit

  • United Unrepresented Nations
  • Grand Unified Micronational (Request rejected)
  • European Union of Micronations

Foreign Relations Edit

Establishing diplomatic relations with Schalamzaar Edit

All micronations are welcome to establish relations with Schalamzaar, but there're some conditions :

  • Micronation shall be territorial (outer space, future projects, under ground and under sea are all acceptable)
  • Micronation shall not claim Schalamzaar's territory (or any other nations recognized by Schalamzaar)
  • Micronation shall not involve in micronational wars
  • Micronations claiming to get formal recognition from UN members (for example Iran, Russia, etc.) won't be recognized, until they show us documents about this formal recognition (Informal recognition with countries are acceptable).

Relations between Schalamzaar and other macro/micro-nations Edit

Macronations Edit

Recognized by Schalamzaar Edit
  • All UN members (with some exceptions)
  • Abkhazia
  • South Ossetia
  • Nakhichevan (as an independent state)
Unrecognized by Schalamzaar Edit
  • State of Israel
  • Republic of Azerbaijan (illegal annexation by Tsarist Russia, Soviet Union and illegal withdrawal from Imperial Iran)
  • Northern Cyprus (Puppet of Turkey in Island of Cyprus, illegal invasion)
  • Turkey (illegal occupation of Byzantine empire, Armenian genocide)

Micronations Edit

Informal, formal, and treaty signed Edit
  • Republic of Molossia (informal recognition and relations)
  • Empire of Atlantium (informal recognition and relations )
  • Royal Republic of Ladonia (informal recognition and relations)
  • Principality of Sealand (formal recognition, informal relations)
  • German Democratic Republic (formal recognition, formal relations, treaty signed)
  • Kingdom of New Cantabria (formal recognition, formal relations, organization alliance[1])
  • Archland Empire (formal recognition, formal relations, organization alliance[2])
  • Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan (formal recogntion, informal relations)
  • Principality of Regerin Islands (formal recognition, informal relations, former organization alliance[3])
  • Grand Duchy of Flandrensis (organization alliance[4])
  • Grand Duchy of Westarctica (organization alliance[5])
  • United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelag , UMMOA (informal recognition)
  • Federal State of Indokistan (formal recogntion, formal relations, treaty signed, organization alliance[6])
  • Confederation of Derskov-Viadalvia (formal recognition, formal relations, organization alliance[7])
  • Federal Republic of Lostisland (informal relations)
  • Kingdom of West Germania (infromal recognition, infromal relations)
  • Aryavart Empire (formal recognition, informal relations)
  • Principality of Arkel (organization alliance[8])
  • Grand Principality of Campinia (organization alliance[9])
  • Directory of Akull (organization alliance[10])
  • Princedom of Aysellant (organization alliance[11])
  • Community of Landashir (organization alliance[12])
  • Federal Republic of St.Charlie (organization alliance[13])
  • Nemkhav Federation (organization alliance[14])
  • Treconia (organization alliance[15])
  • Realm under Freyja (informal recognition, informal relations)
  • Principality of Pontinha (formal recognition, informal relations)
  • Republic of Frieden (organization alliance[16])
  • Republic of Arkapura(organization alliance[17])
  • Sultanate of Al-Rassyd Darussalam (organization alliance[18])
  • Republic of Perejil-Leyla (formal recognition and relations)
  • Missionary Order of Celtic Cross "MOCC" (formal recognition)
Unrecognized Micronations Edit
  • Kingdom of Juclandia (Islamophobic state, Unseriuos micronation)
  • Templar Kingdom (Partly-unrecognized[19], Islamophobic state)
  • Imperial Kingdom of Gilia (Zionist and Islamophobic state)
  • World Empire of Antarctica (World claimant)

Footnotes Edit

  1. Member-state of OUES
  2. Member-state of OUES
  3. Member-state of MAA
  4. Member-state of AMU
  5. Member-state of AMU
  6. Member-state of Union of Islamic Micronations
  7. Member-state of Union of Islamic Micronations
  8. Member-state of AMU
  9. Member-state of AMU
  10. Member-state of AMU
  11. Member-state of AMU
  12. Member-state of AMU
  13. Member-state of AMU
  14. Member-state of AMU
  15. Member-state of AMU
  16. Member-state of Union of Islamic Micronations
  17. Member-state of Union of Islamic Micronations
  18. Member-state of Union of Islamic Micronations
  19. Because Schalamzaar is member-state of Union Iberica
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