Confederate Micronations of Schalamzaar

ریزکشورهای موتلفه شلمزار

Flag of UMS
Union Flag, known as Union Persian

اتحاد، ملت را استوار میکند

Unity, makes the nation strong!
Capital city Southern Tunisia (Schalamzaar)
Largest city Hykalistan (Jabir)
Official language(s) Farsi
Official religion(s) Islam (Shi'a)
Short name CMS
Demonym Schalamzaari, Jabirix, Personesian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Muhammadreza I
- Prime Minister Mohammad Esmai'li
Population 107
Currency Sizaab, Jabir Coin.
Time zone +3:30

Schalamzaar, Personesia and Jabir are three micronations, which make a greater entity called Confederate Micronations of Schalamzaar.


Firstly, CMS was "United Micronations of Schalamzaar". Muhammadreza I of Schalamzaar, formed UMS, for better unity and more independence for constituent countries in the empire.

Declaration of Confederacy Edit

Emperor decided to make UMS a confederacy, and renamed United Micronations of Schalamzaar to Confederate Micronations of Schalamzaar. Because, Jefferson Davis and wikipedia:Confederate States of America are very popular in Schalamzaar, and Schalamzaari people like both. His Excellency President Jefferson Davis, and his great idea Confederate States of America. Also, Ethiopia was a federation, during Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, and it's been called Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Government of CMS Edit

Confederacy is under the control of Emperor of Schalamzaar, and current emperor of Schalamzaar is Muhammadreza I. CMS is some kind of monarchy, with a constitutional system, and direct democracy.

Parties Edit

Current parties are :

  • Technocrate Party of Personesia
  • Pan-Schalamzaarist Party
  • Jabirix party of independence
  • Militarist party of Fourteen Climates

Constituent Nations Edit

  1. Schalamzaar Empire
  2. Autonomous Kingdom of Jabir
  3. Republic of Fourteen Climates
  4. Technocratic Republic of Personesia
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