Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini
also known as
Sachem Wequarran Archimedes
Tallini in 2009
1st Governor of the UMMOA
Assumed office
6 May 2008
Preceded by Office Established
1st Mayor of Fifth World Community
Assumed office
14 December 2009
Preceded by Office Established
1st Sachem of the Ryamecah
Assumed office
18 January 2013
Preceded by Office Established
1st Meddís Túvtiks of the Hernici
Assumed office
10 August 2013
Preceded by Office Established
1st Bishop of the Cesidian Church (Primate)
17 April 2007
Predecessor See Established
(See of Cyberterra)
Nondenominational Ordination 12 December 2005
Nondenominational Consecration 17 April 2007
Independent Catholic Ordination 08 July 2011
Independent Catholic Consecration 08 July 2011
Nemenhah Band Adoption (Became Native American Medicine Man) 11 July 2011
Personal Information
Born 10 May 1962 (age 51)
Nationalities Native American, Aboriginal European, Ummoagian, Antarctican, African and Asian
Residence Compound of Cutchogue in Winnecomac
Alma Mater University of Phoenix
Profession Governor, Sachem, Medicine Man, Meddís Túvtiks, Entrepreneur, Independent Catholic Bishop, Ecclesiastical Counsellor, International Diplomat, Author, Independent Scholar
Religion Cesidian

Cesidio Tallini (New York, 10 May 1962 - ) is the Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA). He is also known as Sachem Wequarran Archimedes; is the Sachem (or Paramount Chief) of the Ryamecah Confederation; and is also the Meddís Túvtiks (meaning Chief Magistrate in the ancient Oscan language) of the Hernici Tribe.

Tallini is also the President and founder of the Cesidian Root, a global Internet with over 20 root servers distributed in the Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia & Oceania regions.

Tallini is the Bishop and founder of the Cesidian Church; the International President of the International Network of Bishops and Archbishops; a Voting Member of the Electoral College of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters; and a Native American Medicine Man.

Tallini is also Deputy, Ambassador at Large, International Ambassador, or Special Representative for several IGOs and NGOs, and was even made Ambassador at Large of Antarctica and Unrepresented or Underrepresented Polities by The Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union (TMIPU).

Tallini has earned both American and Italian high school diplomas in the past; has earned several different post-secondary education diplomas and certificates, including a National Work Readiness Credential from the National Work Readiness Council, and a Certificate of Qualification to Practice from the Law Society of Cabinda; and has earned a BS degree from the University of Phoenix, another BSc degree, two religious doctorate degrees, and was awarded several honorary doctorates.

Tallini is also the de facto or de jure author of several books in English and Italian; the father of Cesidian law, analytic theology, Cesidian salubriology, and Fourth-Fifth World studies; the developer of several indigenous and novel time, linguistic, educational, and intellectual property systems; and an independent scholar.

Early lifeEdit

Tallini was born in Jamaica Hospital, New York, on 10 May 1962. He has resided for extensive periods of time both in Italy and in the United States. He moved to Italy at the age of 9, where he continued his education. He eventually earned an Italian Diploma di Maturità Scientifica from La Scuola D'Italia "Guglielmo Marconi" of New York City, and an American High School Equivalency Diploma from the University at Albany (SUNY).

Later developmentsEdit

Tallini is an honorary alumnus of the University of California at Berkeley, of the Pennsylvania State University, and a life member of the Chamber of Computer Logistics People (CCLP) Worldwide.

On 30 April 2007, Tallini earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix (with honours).

Analytic theology-small

Field of Everything

On 6 May 2008, with Cesidian Root officers, Tallini invaded the .UM ccTLD in the Cesidian Root, i.e. United States namespace, legally annexed the United States Minor Outlying Islands (USMOI), and renamed the islands the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA). Tallini is now also the Governor of the UMMOA.

On 22 July 2008, the Supreme Council of the Presidency of the International [States] Parliament for Safety and Peace (I[S]PSP), with the approval of His Excellency The Lord President, Monsignor Senator Viktor Busà, granted accreditation and official status of incorporation to the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), also known as the Arcipelago Multioceanico delle Micronazioni Unite (AMOMU), with seat in the Caribbean Sea.

The I[S]PSP is an intergovernmental organisation (IGO) of states whose Constitution was served to the Secretary General of the United Nations on 28 September 1976, with the acknowledgement of the Officer of the Secretary General of the United Nations; which was recognised by the United Nations as a sovereign, intergovernmental and diplomatic organ on 25 May 1979; which is incorporated in the United States, and is also a registered juridical person in Palermo, Italy; which was started with the signature of the Constitution by the Heads of State of Cyprus, Mali, Somalia, Senegal, and others; which was legally empowered in de facto fashion by the Treaty of Friendship between the USA and Italy (26 July 1949); and which now has diplomatic delegations and/or parliamentarians in over 180 nations. The I[S]PSP is an intergovernmental organisation (IGO) of states which is controversial among certifiable fools, since it doesn't really place the States of the world at the centre of the universe, but Man himself, as a potential subject of International law legally, and child of God theologically.


Tallini World Formula

On 20 January 2010, Tallini received an honorary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International law from the Academy of Universal Global Peace. The Academy of Universal Global Peace is the spiritual and high education wing of Snahalaya Ashram, which is registered with the government of India, under several Ministries of India, and in the United States Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. The Academy of Universal Global Peace is also affiliated with the World Peace Organization, Power Ministries International, and accredited with the United Nations Global Compact.

On 8 July 2011, Tallini was ordained an Independent Catholic Priest and appointed to the title of Bishop, with apostolic succession and lineage to Christ. He also became a member of the Board of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

On 11 July 2011, Tallini was spiritually adopted into the Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization, and became a Nemenhah Medicine Man. Tallini has also earned a Doctor of Divinity (DD) and a Doctor of Theology (ThD) from the Universal Life Church World Headquarters School of Theology.

On 1 November 2011, upon certification by the Examining Committee of the Law Society of Cabinda, Tallini was admitted as an Advocate, and is now authorised to practice before all the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Cabinda.

On 23 January 2012, Tallini was appointed Communications Director for the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).


UN Grounds Pass issued to Tallini on 30 Jan 2012

During the 7th Meeting of the Committee on NGOs, held on 2 February 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide (CCLP Worldwide) was recommended for Special Consultative Status. This development became possible after CCLP Worldwide's Special Representative Cesidio Tallini managed to overcome to the persistent objections of the Distinguished Representative of Pakistan on the night of 1 February 2012. In August 2012 CCLP Worldwide was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

On 24 March 2012, Tallini was appointed International President of the International Network of Bishops & Archbishops (INBA) by the Founder of the organisation, Bishop Godwin Osung.

On 5 May 2012, the Organization of African Emerging States (OEAS) recognised a total of 11 new UMMOA claims.

On 13 June 2012, Tallini was appointed a Voting Member of the Electoral College of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

On 3 July 2012, Tallini was appointed International Ambassador and United Nations Representative of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

On 27 December 2012, Tallini was made Ambassador at Large of Antarctica and Unrepresented or Underrepresented Polities for The Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union (TMIPU).


All Religions Are Cults

On 31 December 2012, Tallini was appointed Interim Deputy Minister of Information for the Republic of Cabinda.

On 2 February 2013, the new Winnecomac name for the full island of Long Island was born.

On 26 February 2013, the International Criminal Court (ICC) responded to a United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago's (UMMOA) complaint just as it would to any other subject of International law:

On 18 March 2013, Tallini was appointed Nations without States representative for the UMMOA.

On 15 April 2013, the Saint René Descartes University's 2013 Nobel Peace Prize recommendation is welcomed by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

On 7 June 2013, the Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) organisation is launched.

On 22 July 2013, the UMMOA celebrates the Quinquennial Anniversary of the juridical establishment of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA). A Special Mass of celebration is offered.

On 24 July 2013, Pontinha becomes member of Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) and the Fifth World Community (5WC).

On 6 August 2013, the UMMOA Foreign Ministry grants de facto recognition to the states of Brazil, India, and Costa Rica.

On 3 September 2013, the Hernici (8ED) tribe is formally registered with Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).

On 22 September 2013, the Government of Southern Cameroons recognises the UMMOA's Aphrodite Island claim.

On 28 September 2013, the first UMMOA census is started.

On 9 October 2013, the Cesidian Church (CCh) emphasises its difference in opinion concerning the time of Jesus' or Yeshua's birth. Most Messianic Jews believe the Jesus (Yeshua) was born on the first day of the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot), while Cesidians believe that this is the day Jesus was actually circumsised. Jesus himself was born on 8 Tishri, in the year 3757 in the Hebrew calendar, or on 9 October, in the year 5 BC in the Gregorian calendar:

On 26 October 2013, the UMMOA does the first national worth (and national pro capita worth) calculation.

On 4 November 2013, the first UMMOA audio advert goes live.

On 13 November 2013, the Cesidian Root Language Monitor is born.

On 16 November 2013, the UMMOA becomes an official body of the Foundation for Endangered Languages.

On 14 December 2013, the Cesidian Root (CRt) becomes fully DNSSEC-enabled.

On 22 December 2013, the UMMOA Foreign Ministry grants de facto recognition to Guatemala.

On 27 December 2013, the UMMOA Collective Membership Mark [UMMOA™] application was filed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in order to indicate membership in a foreign nation, was assigned serial number '86153190', and is now pending examination.


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  • 8 August 2009, The Fifth World: Micronationalism on Steroids, [ISBN-13: 978-1448663538]
  • 17 October 2009, All Religions Are Cults: And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do About It, [ISBN-13: 978-1449553555]
  • 23 May 2012, I Giochi SIGNOR: Sport Integrati e Giochi delle Nazioni, Organizzazioni e Religioni, [ISBN-13: 978-1477493144]
  • 21 February 2013, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, [ISBN-13: 978-1482510553]











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