Autonomous Kingdom of Jabir
Constituent Country of Schalamzaar Empire


Flag of Jabir EmpireCoat of arms of Jabir Empire

Freedom of Software, Freedom of Science.
Orthographic projection of Jabir Empire
Orthographic Projection
Political map of Jabir Empire
Political divisions
Capital city Sarir Island (Red Island on the map)
Largest city Hykalistan (Black part of the map)
Official language(s) English, Persian
Short name Jabir
Demonym Jabirix
Government Unitary Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Muhammadreza I
- Prime Minister Reza Bagherzadeh
- Minister of Science and Technology Mohammad Esmaili (Hykal)
Legislature IT council
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
Population 3
Currency Jabir Coin
National animal Penguin

Under Construction

History of Jabir Project Edit

Jabir Project is a computer operating system project, by Muhammadreza Haghiri. The leader has decided to make a new nation and name it "Jabir Empire", and Jabir Empire is part of Jabir Project.

JabirOS, Linux or BSD? Edit

In 2012, the first version has been released, based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux. JabirOS was an Ubuntu-derivative operating system until the version 4.0 has been released. After version 4.0, team has decided to migrate to FreeBSD UNIX as base of the operating system.

Project is dormant Edit

After release of version 1.0.1 of JabirOS (BSD branch), project has been turned into "Dormant" status for months, about a year. This meant leaders should decide for continuing project or not. Leaders have decided to migrate on Linux again, and continue project more seriously.

Birth of nation Edit

Muhammadreza Haghiri has telephoned Mohammad Esmaili and Reza Bagherzadeh, other leaders of Jabir project, and told them about new nation. They've accepted to be ministers of this new nation. Muhammadreza has claimed himself as Emperor of the Reign and he has chosen Reza Bagherzadeh as Prime Minister and Chairman of the Empire. Also, Mohammad Esmaili has been chosen as Minister of Science and Technology. The minister of science and technology is the third leader of the country.

Land claim Edit

Leaders have decided to claim former Schalamzaari colony, Schalamzaarian Swabia, and rename it to Jabir Empire. Jabir Empire is successor nation of Schalamzaar, but there's differences between these two nations. Schalamzaar wasn't a serious/professional nation. But Jabir Empire is born to be serious and professional.

Legislature Edit

The legislature force of Jabir Empire is IT council, as it's an IT movement. Also, there's only three seats on the legislature, one for Emperor, one for Chairman of the Empire and one for Minister of Science and technology.

Jabir Coin Edit

Jabir Coin

Proposal of Jabir Coin

Jabir Coin is a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Jabir Coin is forked from Lite Coin. In addition, Jabir Empire has Banknotes of JBC (Jabir Coin) in real.

Political Divisions Edit

Jabir Empire has six provinces, and names of provinces have special meanings.

Sarir Province Edit

Sarir means Throne in both Persian and Arabic. There's two areas named Sarir, Sarir Island (capital city) and Sarir Province.

Gnu Island Edit

Gnu in word means American Bull. But leaders have chosen this name because of GNU project. An attempt to make free software and operating system, from Richard Mathew Stalman.

Tuxland Edit

Tux is the Linux's Penguin. This name has been chosen, because JabirOS is based on the Linux kernel.

Ubuntuistan Edit

Ubuntu means Unity of Human Beings in one of domestic languages of Africa. Also, this is name of the Ubuntu project, one of the most famous GNU/Linux derived projects. Also, JabirOS is based on Ubuntu.

Hykalistan Edit

This name has been chosen because the nickname of Mohammad Esmaili is Hykal. Hykal means Physique in Persian[1].

Political divisions of Jabir Empire

Map of Jabir Empire

Footnotes Edit

  1. Hykal (Persian : هیکل) may refer to Temple of Solomon, but we're using it on the meaning of Physique
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